Ghana - bericht van One Love Foundation: "Our paradise is for sale!"

[17 augustus 2016]
De 'One Love Foundation' is te koop. Het Europese (half-Nederlandse) stel dat deze organisatie aan de kust in Ghana een achttal jaren heeft opgezet, biedt het nu ter overname aan.

De organisatie meldt Volunteer Correct het volgende:
Well, after 8 years living and working in Paradise unfortunately it all must come to an end. With everything in life the positive always has a negative, and now with Indie in the equation the negative out weight the positive. So for us its time to move on and find someone to take over what we have started. To all The One Love Family and all our sponsors we say thank you for all your support you have given the Asaafa community from the school to the clinic, you will always be remembered here. To all our sponsors who sponsoring (students) THAT WILL CONTINUE. We have organized direct payments to the schools and we are always in contact with them and the students.
So if you want a change in life, maybe downsize, live a life where time doesnt exist there is a beach waiting here for you, and if not please pass the word around that if there is anyone looking for their own piece of paradise at an incrediably low price then get in contact with us immediately (

Kijk verder op de website van de One Love Foundation (en/of kijk naar de Volunteer Correct-pagina over deze organisatie).


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